How to connect/view

One you have created a username and signed up you then need to proceed to add a package to your cart. Then check out. Once you have completed the checkout process (for free and paid packages) and received confirmation of success please proceed to  and login with the user information you created and subscribed with.   

Bandwidth Connectivity Requirements

For best results a minimum 2mbps internet connection is suggested for SD while 4mbps + for HD, as always more is better.The system will work on slower lines but viewing experience may be affected and high quality channels will not display correctly. Please note some ISP's apply shaping and other bandwidth management practices that can affect streaming quality and stability and is out of our control. Be sure to ask your ISP about this before signing up. 3/4G can also work but please be aware of the charges from your mobile operator and performance is subject to their network conditions at the location where you are connecting from.

PC, Mac Compatibility

PC and Mac supported. Chrome browser suggested for best performance. Press F11 on PC to make your browser full screen for the best viewing experience

Android Compatibility

System supports all the latest Android Versions from 4.4.2 upwards. Please ensure you  have the  Desktop View DISABLED however on some devices you may need to enable this settings if it does not work. This is due to differences in Android versions and browsers. In some devices the native browser may not respond correctly if so please run all phone updates and test, failing that download Chrome browser for android and try it, this has been seen to help in these situations. . For older Android versions that are Flash supported you will need to install Adobe Flash Player on your device by following this link from Adobe. Please note officially we only support Android KitKat versions and upwards due to the many software and hardware issues and lack of streaming support from Android.

IOS Compatibility

Safari is supported however we do suggest using Chrome on your Ipad/Iphone. Ipad requires uses to click Play Now to start channels playing. All other devices will auto play.

SmartTV Compatibility

System has been tested on LG Smart TV with OS 04.25.02 and 04.22.25 via the native browser. There is one known issue that has been picked up which sees the video rolling on wrongly shaped on the display. By either making the browser full screen or browser view again and back to full screen this resets the built in browser. This bug has been reported to LG and we are awaiting their feedback. Testing on Samsung Smart TV's so far has shown the inability to make the browser full screen. This is a Samsung browser issue. Once we have more information on this this support page will be updated.

Chromecast BETA Compatibility

To Chromecast to your TV, please install the Chromecast App from the Google Marketplace after your purchase of the Google Chromecast stick and follow their instructions to connect your Chomecast stick. Once tested working open the Chromecast beta application and select cast screen. This will now throw your mobile devices screen onto your Chromecast display. You can now view your mobile display on your TV. Set your browser to full screen view to give you the best results. You can now easily enjoy your Purple Turtle TV experience on your big TV. One bug already noted in Chromecast is video does not load when you hold your device in landscape mode. Audio will play but no video is seen. To quick correct this move your device to portrait and then back to landscape and video will appear. This is a bug in the BETA Chromecast system.

System Navigation

On devices with keyboards, remote controls you can use your mouse or arrow keys to navigate as well as your enter button. By typing the channel number of your desired channel the system will take you directly to the channel (if using PC keyboard please use the numbers above your keyboard not the number pad on the side) and you will see the numbers appear on screen as you type them. You can also use the Channel + and - on the side of the screen to click through channels. For touch screen devices drag you finger across the middle of the screen to bring up the info bar and Menu button to navigate by. Enter Menu tab and you can also select and view your Radio and Television channels from the associated tab, once you click (or double click on ipad) it will take you directly to that TV or Radio channel. Television Guide/EPG information can be found under TV Guide and can be viewed while watching a channel. Account allows you to review your account to see how much longer your subscription is valid for and also allows you to log out of the current device. Please note the system only allows 1 active login at any time. Should you login on another device you will be logged out of the previous one.

Managing and Renewing subscriptions

Visit so select and top up your current subscriptions. Payments are done securely via credit card via the Iveri system.

Chrome Browser Ap

You can now view our the TvOnDevices by Purple Turtle from Chrome Browser Ap please visit the Chrome Browser Ap Store in your Chrome Browser  here  . Should you wish to know how to quickly launch the TvOnDevices Chrome ap please visit the chrome ap help site link

Player Issues

  1. My Time on my Player/Program Guide is incorrect- Check that your timezone is set correctly in your account information at
  2. I am unable to login to the player it says no valid subscriptions -Check you have a valid subscription by logging into if no subscriptions active please select a package and add it to your basket and check out.

Contact Details

You need to log in to see support contact details for your subscribed package(s)